How do I go about viral marketing for my event?


If you’d like to exploit the viral effects of XING for your own event marketing purposes, go to your event page and click on the trident symbol (Share and invite contacts) in the top right of the screen next to the participation button. This button is also available to visitors to your event page (provided the event is public). You now have various options:

  • Recommend on XING: This event endorsement will then be featured on the start page of all your contacts.
  • Invite contacts: If you haven’t done so already you can also invite your contacts to the event here. If one of the people invited decides to attend the event this will also be shown on the start page of your contacts.
  • Send by e-mail: This allows you to recommend your event to contacts who aren’t XING members as well.
  • Recommend on Facebook/Twitter: You can also use other social networks to recommend your event.

Tip: Ask your contacts to recommend the event to others too, and invite other contacts. This will reinforce the viral effect.

Please note: If you want to boost attendance for your event you can also make use of the marketing options for events that XING has to offer. 

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