How can I stop receiving group event invitations?


You’ll be notified whenever you’re invited to a group event as a member of that group. Here’s how you can unsubscribe:

  1. Click on your small profile image in the top right of XING and then on "Settings/Invoices & Accounts".
  2. Click on "Notifications".
  3. Scroll down to "Notifications from Groups".
  4. Click the "Edit" button.
  5. Click on "Show all" if you’re a member of more than 10 groups.

Now you can choose which groups you wish to receive which notifications from. Click "Save" to confirm, and you’re done.

If you want to block event notifications from a specific person, just go to the inbox of your event notifications and move your mouse over the notification in question. You’ll then be given the option to "Block this user".

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