Editing an event


If you want to make changes to your event, you've got two options:

  1. Add and edit documents, speakers, an image gallery or contact persons directly on your event page.
  2. Other changes can be made by clicking the corresponding tab in the menu above:
  • Tickets: Add and edit ticket categories and payment handling options for events with a ticket shop or registration. You can also create a ticket shop or registration.
  • Switch to Event Plus (under Event Plus): You can book Event Plus for your event whenever you want. You can then access additional features for your event. Learn more...
  • Edit your event: You can easily add and edit your event decription, schedule, location and other details. You can also postpone your event, if it hasn't started yet.
  • Manage event organisers (under more): Add co-organisers to your event.
  • Delete/cancel event (under more): If your event can't take please you can cancel it and notify your attendees.
  • Manage event notifications (under more): Decide which notifications you want to receive.

Tip: Under preview you can check how your event page looks for your attendees.

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