Create a group or company event


You can affiliate your event to a group or a company profile on XING. The only condition here is that you are the (co-)moderator of the group or (co-)editor of the company profile. Here’s how you do this:

  1. Go to your event page. You’ll find it under Events in the For organisers section.
  2. Click on Edit > Organisers in your event.
  3. Under Manage event organisers you’ll see groups and company profiles that you’re a (co-)moderator or (co-)editor of.
  4. Select a group or company and press Apply changes.
  5. The group or company will then be displayed as the organiser.

If you are a co-organiser of the event you need to first take over the event as main organiser to be able to change it into a group or company event.

Important for group events: If you link an event up with a group it will also appear in the group under "Events". Please be aware that you can’t make any further changes once you’ve selected a group.

When you affiliate an event to a group you’ll also receive the option of allowing non-group members to attend. You'll be able to change this setting at a later stage, though.

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