Benefits of the Events section on XING for organisers


As an event organiser you can reach a potential audience of over 15 million XING members.

  • If XING members attend your event on XING their contacts will see a post about it in their news feed.
  • Book XING Ads and promote your event precisely to your target group.
  • An event in the events section on XING helps people network even before the event by exact recommendations.
  • If you sell tickets with XING Events, your attendees have access to an attendee area on XING where they can download their tickets and invoices, make changes to their ticket data and see files, images or videos you share with them.
  • If you've booked Event Plus you have access to the visitors of your event page. Invite them with a personalised message. Write an event update, which will be displayed to them in their news feed. Know the people who are interested in your event and adapt your event promotion accordingly.
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