Add co-organisers to an event

  1. Go to your event page. You’ll find it under Events in the For organisers section.
  2. Click on Edit > Organisers in your event.
  3. You should now see an overview of all organisers of the event. On top of the list you see the main organiser, who is also shown on the event page. All other organisers are sorted chronologically according to when they were added as co-organisers.
  4. To add a co-organiser enter the link to the XING profile of that person under Co-organisers and click on Add co-organiser.
  5. The new co-organiser now appears in the list of co-organisers and receives a notification from XING.

A co-organiser can edit event descriptions, invite guests, send messages to attendees and reschedule or cancel the event. On the event page only the name of the main organiser is displayed.

Note: You can also withdraw the co-organiser rights by clicking on the recycle bin next to the corresponding co-organiser.


FAQ ID: 838