kununu – What’s the Toolbox?


The Toolbox contains the following:

  • A certificate folder with the Open Company title
  • Quality seal (Open (default) or Top Company, depending on the order)
  • 2 Open Company and 2 Top Company sticker (depending on status)
  • Toolbox instructions manual
  • 350 review cards each (for applicants and employers)
  • 5 posters each (heart and feedback)
  • Two displays for the review cards
  • USB stick with quality seals and rights of use

You can order a Toolbox with a quality seal for €590 (usually the Open Company quality seal) or with both quality seals for €690 (Open Company and Top Company), or a Toolbox without a quality seal for €490. The quality seal has to have already been awarded for a company to order the Toolbox with this seal.

If you have any other questions about kununu, a good place to find answers is the kununu FAQ.

For further assistance you can also use the kununu contact form.

FAQ ID: 67892