kununu – Rules to follow when writing a review


The review rules serve to ensure that kununu remains a reputable and trusted platform. kununu is designed to encourage constructive feedback and does not accept reviews intended as attempts at revenge.

The 8 kununu rules:

  1. Individuals may not be mentioned by name. It must not be clear from the review who exactly is being referred to. It must also not be possible to draw conclusions about specific people within a company.
  2. The publication of internal company information is not permitted. If you make assertions, you must be able to prove them in writing in case of any doubt. If a company queries whether a review has been made by a former/current employee, kununu is legally obliged to request proof (proof of employment in the form of an employment contract or proof of the application process) from the user. If proof cannot be provided the review will be taken offline. This also applies when it comes to proving any factual claims.
  3. Criticism of the quality of products is not permitted as this is an employer review platform and not a product rating platform.
  4. Discriminatory, offensive, political, defamatory, racist and vulgar statements are not allowed.
  5. Links are not permitted.
  6. The employer must be reviewed rather than any intermediary company or recruiter. If you wish to evaluate the recruiter, you can do so under "Application Reviews".
  7. Please note the difference between the application reviews in the "Application" section and the employer reviews in the "Employer" section.
  8. Express your own opinion and experience working for the company in question. If you generalise facts, it is likely that the company will query this passage in your review and be able to prove it to be untrue.

If you have any other questions about kununu, a good place to find answers is the kununu FAQ.

For further assistance you can also use the kununu contact form.

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