kununu – How much criticism is allowed? What exactly can a company lodge a complaint about?


Users have the right to freedom of speech, and the public interest in information outweighs a company's right to informational self-determination according to current legislation.

It goes without saying that kununu takes complaints about reviews very seriously. kununu must nevertheless adhere to its legal obligations and requires the specific details of individual passages of text that are deemed as untrue, along with your version of events. We aren’t able to accept complaints along the lines of “The entire review is untrue” due to the lack of specific facts. Companies must submit a statement that proves why a certain passage or sentence is untrue, along with the passage or sentence in question.

In our experience however, “doubting” the factual correctness of reviews on company profile creates the impression for users that a company cannot deal constructively with feedback.

kununu would encourage you to start using its comment feature instead. It allows you to communicate your own point of view about the facts of the situation in your company. It is free of charge and also means you get the final word in response to reviews on kununu. Reviewers aren’t able to respond to any comments you post, nor are they able to enter into a discussion with other users. By posting objective comments you are demonstrating your respect for your employees, and your positive role as a moderator will detract from the initial negative review.

If you have any other questions about kununu, a good place to find answers is the kununu FAQ.

For further assistance you can also use the kununu contact form.

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