What are the advantages of posting a job ad on XING?


Job ads on XING offer you the following benefits over conventional online job portals:

• Reach non-job-seekers: We automatically share your vacancy with XING members matching your criteria by posting it on their homepage. That way your ad will also reach people who aren’t currently looking for a new job.

• Find out more about applicants: You can view applicants’ XING profiles which often show you much more than a conventional CV. This can be useful when it comes to the shortlisting process.

• Take advantage of personal connections: We show people who click on your job ad who they know at the company or if they know someone who knows someone who works there. If an applicant gets in touch with one of your employees, they can let you know whether or not they’d be suited to the vacancy.

• Use your Company Profile: All of your job ads are automatically listed in your Company Profile where you can show applicants why your company is a great place to work.

• Provide genuine insights into your business: kununu employer reviews from your staff provide potential candidates with insights into your corporate culture, which is of benefit for both you and applicants.

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