Completing the Employer Branding Profile on XING and kununu


The Employer Branding Profile can be created either by our Customer Relations Team* or independently by customers using their kununu or XING account.

1. Log in to your personal XING profile.
2. Then click on Companies in the left-hand navigation bar.
3. Next, click on Your employer profiles on the right.
4. Now select Managing under your company.
5. For Employer Branding customers only: At the top of your screen you will find the various subject areas for editing.

For kununu:
1. Log in to My kununu on kununu using your personal XING login details.
2. Then click on Company Profile in the navigation bar on the left and select your company.
3. Now you can edit all the content.

*If you opt to have the Customer Relations Team enter the initial data to create your profile, you will need to complete the profile guide we send you in advance in the welcome e-mail once the contract has been closed.

We will also need two large and two small images for the Companies page on XING (or alternatively one video and one small image instead of two). A maximum of 30 photos, videos, PDFs and presentations can be added to the gallery on XING to visualise day-to-day work in your company as authentically as possible. On kununu, either three images or two images and one video can be displayed. A maximum of 10 videos can be uploaded to kununu. You can create and update the lower-cost start-up profile yourself using your own editor login.

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