What exactly are contacts on XING?


Your XING contacts are XING members you want to stay in touch with. You can send a contact request to people you’d like to connect with and, once they’ve confirmed your request, they are then added as your XING contact. This works the other way around, too. You can of course decline contact requests if you don’t want to add them as a XING contact. Here’s how your XING contacts differ from other XING members:

  • You can choose which of your profile details (e.g. private or business e-mail address, mobile phone number, birthday etc.) you’d like to share with each contact.
  • You can send messages to your XING contacts (only Premium members can send messages to non-contacts).
  • The contacts tab on your homepage lets you manage your contacts, add tags and notes.
  • The network news tab on your homepage provides you with a list of updates about and posted by your contacts as well as links they’ve shared.



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