Where can I see who visited my Business Page?

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Where can I see who visited my Business Page?

The admin section of your Business Page not only shows you the total number of visits, you can also see who visited your page by clicking on "Show all visitors".

As a Business Page Professional user you can see the name, position and company name of your visitors. We also provide information about the date and number of visits. Here's what you can see on this page:

  • Green: "Contact me" = A visitor clicked on "Contact me".
  • Yellow: "Possibly interested" = The visitor's behaviour, e.g. the amount of time they spent on the page and their actions, is an indication that they're possibly interested in your offering.
  • Red: "Not interested" = The user only visited once and for a short space of time. We therefore assume they're not interested in your offering.
  • Unknown: "Logged-out user": The user visited your Business Page, e.g. via Google, and was not logged in to XING.

Please note: You can send up to 20 messages per month to non-contacts if you purchased your Premium membership after 2009


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