Permissions for the Android app?

  • Identity: We use this information to identify you unequivocally as a XING member and/or to be able to create a new XING membership for you.
  • Contacts: By sharing contact info you can import your XING contacts into your device’s address book.
  • Photos/media/files: We access your image gallery to enable you to post images in (group) posts or to send them by message.  
  • Camera: we use the camera to enable you to take images for group posts and to scan in business cards.
  • Create accounts and set passwords: We require user logins and passwords to automatically sync your XING contacts with the device’s address book.
  • The vibration feature: We use this for notifications.
  • Automatic start: The app will launch whenever you restart your device so that you are reliably notified about birthdays and profile visitors.
  • Deactivate quiet mode: The standby mode is temporarily overridden whenever push notifications are received or current birthday and profile visitors are accessed.
  • Access to all networks: We use all available network connections to make sure XING is always up to date. 
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