Recommendations regarding the budget


Sponsored Posts are featured on XING based on the auction principle. In other words, your ad is in competition with other ads targeted at the same audience at the same given time. You enter a maximum bid when creating your ad (XING will recommend an amount to you here). If your bid is higher than the bids of competing ads, your ad will be the one featured. You don’t have to make your highest bid here – you just need a high enough offer to outbid the second-highest offer. You can also select an total budget for each ad, plus the option of a daily budget, and choose to pay either per thousand impressions (CPM) or per click (CPC). XING will show your ad online until the point when your defined budget has been used up. If a daily budget has been set, the ad will be taken offline until the following day.

You will receive an invoice for the impressions or clicks made at the beginning of each subsequent month. Both clicks on the ad itself and on the sender of the ad (i.e. profile or company profile) and “Like” clicks will be counted. If no impressions or clicks have been registered for your ad, you will of course not need to pay anything.

Please note: The target group selected influences the recommendation for the maximum bid, as the level of demand for  different target groups varies at any given time.

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