Which elements come together to form a Sponsored Video Post?


To make sure that a Video Ad is effective, other elements are required alongside an impactful video that is relevant to the viewer to guarantee maximum reach. A Video Ad also includes a sender, a short description of its content, a title, a URL, a logo and a Like button.

  • Sender (company name): If the user clicks on the sender, they are forwarded to the Company Profile or Employer Branding Page of the company advertising. Please note: if the customer doesn’t have one of these pages we will create a Company Profile for them.
  • Comment: Short description (max. 80 characters) detailing what the video is about.
  • Title: The title (max. 60 characters) is linked to a page selected by the customer, which can be either internal or external.
  • URL: The shortened URL of the sender is shown, which is added manually.
  • Logo: The system automatically accesses and incorporates the logo.
  • Like button: Videos can also be “liked”.
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