Recommendations for creating your ad


What’s the maximum size my ad image should be?

Images you upload yourself should ideally be square and displayed with 192 x 192 pixels. You can crop images with other dimensions directly in our editing feature. If you want to do this you’ll need to select an image with a maximum of 20 MB.

How many characters do I have for my ads?

Regardless of the type of ad involved, the texts are divided up into comment, title and ad copy. The title and ad copy can only be freely edited for website ads, with up to 60 characters available for the title and 140 characters for the ad copy. The comment can be freely edited for all ad types and may contain up to 80 characters.

Please note: For some placements on the platform (e.g. the right-hand side of the screen) the comment module is not shown due to a lack of space.

Tips for writing an ad

We recommend trying out different ad copies and images and then deciding, based on how they perform, what works best in your case. The following tips may help you to get started:

  • Address your target audience with a clear call to action.
  • Make sure the central message of your ad is clearly recognisable. Benefits, offers and special promotions work well here in our experience.
  • Use a simple yet striking image that relates to the ad copy. Avoid having text featured in the image itself if possible.
  • Incorporate the name or logo of your company and capitalise on the brand recognition you already have.
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