What technical and content-related requirements does a Sponsored Article have to fulfil?


Ideally, XING Sponsored Articles are between 350 and 500 words long and contain similar content and themes to the other articles published for the selected industry on XING. The Sponsored Article is available to read on a website outside of XING and – as and when appropriate – this page might contain other campaign elements, corresponding calls to action, and/or links. Other requirements are an image, a headline and a teaser text, designed to make users curious and encourage them to read the article. The headline and teaser should not however convey any direct advertising here, as this tends to be regarded by our members as too opportunistic and intrusive.

The most important parameters for your Sponsored Article:

  • Image size: at least 776x436 pixels; max. 4500x3500 pixels
  • Recommended article length: 350-500 words (approx. 1 A4 page)
  • Recommended headline length: 50-60 characters

Recommended teaser length: max. 160 characters

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