How can I target my advertising?

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How can I target my advertising?

Targeting is carried out on XING using anonymous geographic and demographic information. This might be based, for example, on “Gender”, “Age” and “Country/Region”.

The granular targeting capabilities of XING mean that ad messages always reach precisely the people they were intended for. That’s because target groups can be precisely designed using detailed criteria based on members’ data. The advertising customer determines who they want to reach with their message. In addition, XING can use expert surveys to select all information that is saved on members’ profiles, e.g. interests, hobbies, activities, degrees studied, and skill sets.

The criteria include: Discipline, career level, industry, job title, company size, gender, region, radius, and age group. A detailed breakdown of the targeting criteria can be found here.

Please note: The criteria “Discipline” and “Job title” are not yet available on mobile devices. All available criteria available for mobile are shown we a small phone icon.

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